location: RAUCHHAUS // mariannenplatz 1a // berlin x-berg


vernissage: 20:30-22:00 (free admission)

concerts (22:00-00:00):
CNM (multilayer soundscapes)
AUDIOKOLLEKTIV (clicks’n'beats)
TRANSNOISE (performance)
MCXI (8bit C64 electro)

dj’s & acts (after 00:00):
TRANSMISSION (sinister. experimental. techno)
TRIPPY H (live) (mechatronika) (8bit electro acid)
NYT (leipzig) (dark unformated techno)
ZDRADA PALKI (electro)

vj: CH²
decoration: d’mandy, kathinka & toXo.

soli for disruption (uncommercial magazine for art and politics)


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